Why Am I Here?

A quintessential issue, this question, why am I here? Usually teens think and re-think their answers t to this question.  Today, it seems like retiring boomers are asking this question.Still vigorous, curious, and retired, many boomers find volunteer jobs to not only to use their skills, but to keep their minds and heart are engaged.

And, since I’m a retired boomer,this question, why am I here? has been on my mind lately.  I looked for a part-time. There were no jobs that needed my skills and experience.Frustrated and annoyed, I quit looking for part-time jobs and decided to make an inventory of skills I do have.

Finding myself with a list of skills,I realized that my experience and knowledge come from a different time, one that had no computers that could fit in your hand. How to use a computer well, like those who are native to computer skills as young children, I don’t.  I spend more time hassling with the technology than I do producing a piece of writing, for example. So, ok, my purpose is not to become a native of the computer, rather the answer to why am I here? has to do with  figuring out how I can continue to use my skills to help repair the world. Even if I help just a skosh, my life has purpose.  Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean that I should knit all day.  Giving thought to what I wanted to do took me a bit of time.  I gathered my thoughts to decide where my skills might best fit.

I volunteered to be a guardian ad-litem or GAL. Being a GAL, I will be able to see how an abused, neglected child is assisted toward getting an opportunity to bloom.  Sometimes kids don’t bloom. I know that, but my purpose is to use my skills to partially answer, why am I here?





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